Sony Professional HVRM15U HDV Record/Playback Deck

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  • Three 1/3-inch 1.04-megapixel CCDs for superb resolution and color rendering
  • Record and playback HDV, DV, and DVCAM formats
  • Records and plays both Mini and standard-sized DV tapes
  • Position either vertically or horizontally with the supplied mount
  • Preset switch-selectable audio levels

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Incorporating a compact and simple design, the HVR-M15U is well suited for desktop applications. With its included stand, the HVR-M15U can also stand vertically during normal operations. The HVR-M15U offers HDV 1080i, DVCAM and DV SP recording and playback capability for easy migration from standard to high definition production, as well as playback of HDV 720p pre-recorded tapes (analog output only). Compatible with mini-size DV cassettes, it is also compatible with standard-size cassettes that allow up to 276 minutes of HDV recording with compatible tapes. Additionally, the HVR-M15U also has a down-conversion function from HD to SD and is switchable between 60 and 50 Hz (NTSC/PAL) to provide full flexibility depending on production needs.

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Sony Professional HVRM15U HDV Record/Playback Deck