Omano 50 Histology Human Tissue Slides

Best Omano 50 Histology Human Tissue Slides

  • 50 professionally made, Prepared Human Tissue slides
  • Educational range of blood, muscle and organ tissue samples
  • Mounted on professional glass slide with sealed cover slips
  • Long lasting hard plastic storage case
  • Recommended for schools and home use

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This excellent collection of 50 slides taken from human tissues is an excellent medical histology resource for instruction at the high school, college and graduate levels. Most organ systems and tissues are represented. Below are some sample titles.

110     Simple columnar epithelium
111     Stratified pavement epithelium
112     Simple cuboidal epithelium
213     Human blood s.m.
214     Bone marrow s.m
215     Loose connective tissue
216     Adipose tissue
217     Hyaline cartilage
218     Fibrocartilage
219     Elastic cartilage
220     Human skin section through sweat gland
221     Human skin section through hair follicle
313     Separation mounting of smooth muscle

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