Honl Photo Creative Lighting Starter Kit

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  • All-in-one kit with everything you need to control and modify strobe light.
  • The best collection of tools for the speedlight photographer.
  • Lightweight, easy to use.

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Honl Creative Lighting Starter kit has all of Honl’s most popular and most effective tools in one box-and then some.

1/4″ Speed Grid
Speed Strap
10 Piece Sample Filter Kit
5″ Black and White Speed Snoot
Black and White Speed Gobo
plus the David Honl training DVD

Speed Grid
The Honl Speed Grid has a series of honeycomb cells to narrow the beam of light from your portable flash unit, producing a small circle of light on your subject. Fits most any shoe mount and most handle mount portable strobes, including Canon 420 though 580 and Nikon SB24 though SB900. Attaches quickly and easily to the Speed Strap mounting system (included in the kit). Rugged ABS/polycarbonate construction.

Speed Snoot
Concentrate the light from your shoe-mount flash for dramatic cinematic lighting with our easy to use snoot/reflector. Perfect for everything from dramatic portraits to concentrating light on background elements. Made of tough ballistic nylon exterior with 3 choices of interior reflectors that all produce a soft falloff. The Speed Snoots are adjustable to fit a wide variety of flashes, including Canon’s 430 to 580 Speedlites and Nikon’s SB24 to SB900 Speedlights.

Speed Gobo
Keep light from flaring into your lens when using your speedlight as a background or hair light. Our Speed Gobo attaches quickly with a Speed Strap. Reversible, tough ballistic-type black nylon on one side, and 2 choices on the other so you can also use as a bounce card.

Speed Strap
Put an end to rubber bands, tape or sticky residue from gluing velcro to your expensive strobes. The Speed StrapTM fits any shoe-mount strobe unit, attaches and removes in seconds, and provides a large wraparound surface area to quickly attach a combination of our Speed Gobos, Snoots, Gels, and upcoming Speed Grids. Non-slip so it won’t budge when attached.

Filter Sampler
Superior quality filters attach quickly to our Speed Strap
David Honl: Light DVD
Light like a pro, with minimal gear!

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